Rajmil Fischman

Residence: Keele, UK

Rajmil Fischman studied at the National Conservatory of Lima, Tel Aviv University and at York University. He studied composition with Abel Ehrlich, John Paynter and Richard Orton. He also obtained a BSc in Electrical Engineering from the Israel Institute of Technology. He joined the Composers’ Desktop Project (CDP), becoming a director. In 1988, he was appointed lecturer at Keele University, where he is currently Professor of Composition, establishing courses and resources in Digital Music Technology. He was artistic director and principal conductor of the Keele Philharmonic Society. His main activities focus on instrumental and electroacoustic music composition, electroacoustic music theory and music software development. His compositions have received international performances and been broadcast worldwide.

Date: March 28, 2003


Rajmil Fischman performing Ruraq Maki with his programmed 8 channel expressive interface.