Steve Godin

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My formal interest with electronic music began about twenty years ago, as a supportive back drop for ideas that were occurring with my poems and monologues for public performances. The basic orientation, in the interest of my audio art and its direction, is with the phenomenon called synæsthesia: by which the excitement of vision can occur with sound and the exponents of sound. Like a painter, my audio work is studio oriented. Where the compositional arrangement of my analogue recordings are later enhanced by the use of a software program.

The combination of my music interests and performance experience has contributed to local theatre, providing soundtracks for the interpretation of Claude Gauvreau’s La Jeune Fille et la Lune (‘98 and ‘99) for Radio — Canada and Metamorphose-Theatre, and Les Ateliers L’Aquarium et le Globes’ production of Jonas ( Monument-National (Dec. ‘99) here in Montreal. I have a formal international release as a co-composer with Horizon 222 ( aka Zoviet France/ (Spirit Level) Midsummer’s Night Dream England ‘93 ). Currently completing an anthology of my audio art co- produced with PRIM centre d’arts mediatiques and developing an independent label.

Date: 28 mars 2003

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