Sugar Blues (C. McCoy) Hugh Le Caine

The 1948 Sackbut Demonstration Tapes (1953) are narrated by Le Caine, and illustrate well-known wave forms (square, pulse, sawtooth) played with the touch-sensitive keys and timbral controls of the Sackbut, now recognized as the “first” analogue synthesizer. The Sackbut is accompanied by piano and the prototype Touch Sensitive Organ, the tracks combined using the prototype Multi-track Tape Recorder.

Sugar Blues (C. McCoy) (1:02) The variable formant control (later known as the “doo-wah” effect) coloured the timbre by including high-register frequencies unrelated to the basic waveshape.

  • Year of composition: 1953
  • Duration of the submitted work: 1:06

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Also part of Compositions Demonstrations 1946-1974 .

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